It’s a very sad day for me. I don’t know if I would retell exactly what happened this morning.
I asked dad for the highest salary earned in my uncle’s company and it’s about 9 mil. I was proudly told him my upcoming official salary would be 8 and it’s close to that and asked if he thought I did it well. He firsts started with a Viet word which I can’t remember now but it’s similar to the next term he’s saying “What you did was nothing compared to that, don’t be so proud and arrogant!!!” and kept talking about my “arrogance”…
I then went back to my room and mom followed a few secs after. I suddenly asked her while being still upset about dad’s response “Why was he like that mom? Why was he gossiping with everyone about my application for VN Air even though I told him not to until I got the job? But he reacted like that when I achieved something which makes me quite proud and happy?”. That’s when I turned my head away for mom not to see my tears falling while hearing “Well…you know him…”. I couldn’t take a nap anymore but crying the whole time thinking of those ugly memories. He’s never shown his support for me since I was a kid, I’ve always felt like I do nothing right, I’m the most foolish. It just made me cry more and more thinking of those things. I have always tried to be good and made him proud but in the end, I’m never good enough. I’m a graduate who is about to earn an amount close to one working for years. But that’s not the point of asking him, all I needed was a compliment or something supportive “You did it well” or “I’m proud of you”.
It’s hard for him to be sweet and encouraging cause he’s raised differently from my era.
It’s not the first time he hurts me this much. The way he uses me as an threatening example for my siblings when talking about my back and glasses always ruins my feelings. It’s not my fault for having those physical problems and I feel absolutely hurt and disrespectful when he talks about me like that. He’s a talkative guy when eating and watching TV and sometimes mom and sis even tell him to be silent. Surprisingly, I’m the only one who always listens to him and tries to make eye contact just for him to know I’m caring about what he’s talking. I know he loves expressing his knowledge about medical and political issues. You know what? The only thing I wanted when applying for the flight attendant was for my dad to retire cause I would afford expenses for the while family and he wouldn’t have to run around in Saigon’s dreadful hotness…
It’s been a long time since I last cried that much, maybe last year. It hurt my head physically and my entire body when waking up and my feelings as well s experiment have been ruined…
Goodnight Tuanblr,

I miss the times when I was someone’s only attention. I’m the type of person who is so needy , I wish to feel cared and loved all the time and that’s not a good side of me.

New job babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Though I love my job, I enjoy talking and helping those tourists in the backpackers’ area, I clearly know that I have to go further, achieve something higher and better and make use of my proper English more. I’m proud to say I made it today, not really an enormous success but a potential opportunity to change my life, to work in a professional environment and bring more happiness to my beloved ones.


"I once was your baby and now you’re dumping me because of him? Im still that baby…but just bigger size"

Selfie mood :3
Cock Spamming

I just got an invitation to a guy’s photo album on Scuff and guess what? I esse kinda excited cause someone was willing to talk and share his “selfies” with me. It’s really what I was thinking when the first photo was his face, 36 yo, not so bad and next ones were selfies, yes selfies of his…huge uncut cock lol.
My reply: “Thanks for the album but why did you send it from miles away and sorry I like cocks but I’m into hearts more at first.”
I’m, again, the biatch lol.

Just a little bit of your heart, just a little bit of your heart is all I want.
Just a little bit of your heart, just a little bit I’m asking for…

You want a hot body? You better work biatch (Britney Spears).You want a bearded face? You better photoshop biatch (Me).
*happy tears rolling on my (imaginary) bearded face*